This page provides access to a variety of material of use in applying molecular spectroscopy to diverse tasks ranging from laboratory research to on-line process monitoring.

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Spectroscopic Type(s)

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Near Infrared & UV-Visible A Concise Overview of Near Infrared and UV-Visible Products
Mid Infrared A Concise Overview of Mid Infrared Products
Raman A Concise Overview of Raman Products

Data Sheets

A list of all data sheets, for both the Hellma Axiom Lab Line and Process Line products, available in one central archive for viewing and downloading.

Technical Notes

A collection of published journal articles and other technical notes written by our staff members.


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AN-926 Enhanced Gas Phase Raman Spectroscopy by means of Multipass Laser Excitation
AN-925 The Possibility of Ignition in Installations Employing FPT-850 Near-Infrared Transmission Probes in Conjunction with Explosive Atmospheres
AN-924 Continuous Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds in Industrial Waste Water
AN-923 A Beginner’s Guide to Industrial Spectroscopic Analysis
AN-922 Comparison of Near-IR and Raman Analysis for Potential Process Applications
AN-921 Qualification of Spectroscopic Probe Designs to Industry Standards for Process Piping and Vessels
AN-919 Welded Metal Pressure Seals for Process Spectroscopy
AN-918 Process Analysis Without Sample Conditioning
AN-917 Hollow Optical Conduits for Vibrational Spectroscopy
AN-916 Signal Level Considerations for Remote Diffuse Reflectance Analysis
AN-915 Analysis of Strongly Absorbing Chromophores by UV-Visible ATR Spectroscopy
AN-914 Channel-to-Channel Matching in Multiplexed Fiber-Optic NIR Systems…A Comparison of Two Approaches
AN-913 High Performance ATR Probes for the Mid-Infrared Analysis of Corrosive Liquids
AN-912 Designing Robust Sample Interfacing Equipment for Infrared Process Analysis
AN-911 Near and Mid-IR Process Analysis—A Critical Comparison
AN-910 Modular FTIR Sample Interfacing with the Axiot System
AN-909 Two Dimensional Sparging-IR Analysis of Trace Organics in Water
AN-908 Non-Invasive Chemical Analysis by Isotropic Specular Reflectance
AN-907 Continuous Monitoring of Organic Pollutants in Water By Sparging Infrared
AN-906 Principles and Applications of FTIR Process Analysis
AN-904 Chemical Composition Monitoring Using an In-Situ Infrared Probe
AN-902 Absorbance Linearity and Repeatability in Cylindrical Internal Reflectance FT-IR Spectroscopy of Liquids

Historical Notes

Publications of historical and biographical interest.


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HN-201 A Random Walk through 50 Years of Optics and Spectroscopy

Links to other resources

Links to other web sites which can provide information of use in planning and implementing your spectroscopic applications.


Applied Chemometrics, Inc.

Comprehensive supplier of chemometrics software, training, consulting, and support
Vidrine Consulting

Vidrine Consulting is a consulting firm which is owned and operated by Warren Vidrine, an industrial chemist/spectroscopist.

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