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Hellma Axiom provides a broad line of laboratory sampling equipment for all forms of molecular spectroscopy.

Our Quick Reference Guides provide a concise overview of Hellma Axiom's products in each spectral category

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From the instrumentation perspective, Raman spectroscopy blends some of the advantages of both Mid-IR and Near-IR spectroscopy. As in the case of Mid-IR, the molecular bands observable by means of Raman scattering correspond to fundamental molecular vibrations, providing a one-to-one correspondence between Raman spectral features and molecular functional groups.

Raman does have a major advantage over Mid-IR in that it can employ the robust fused silica and sapphire optics commonly used in the Near-IR and UV-Visible regions. Of particular importance is its ability to use silica optical fibers to communicate between a point of measurement and the Raman spectrometer.

Raman spectroscopy has some disadvantages, particularly its susceptibility to interference from fluorescence and the difficulty of removing instrumentation artifacts from the desired measurements. All in all, the decision to use Raman for a given application will depend on a detailed analysis of all of the relevant factors.

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