Axiot Optical Transfer & integrated Systems

The Axiot System7 is a family of optical transfer and sampling modules which can greatly expand the sampling flexibility of virtually any infrared spectrometer. By removing the sampling task from the confines of the conventional sample compartment, the Axiot System eliminates performance compromise while allowing an analysis to be carried out at the most desirable location such as in a fume hood or on a process line. In addition, the modular components of the Axiot System can be used to configure custom sampling systems to meet the requirements of almost any analysis.17, 18 Finally, the system has enabled Axiom to develop comprehensive systems in which spectrometers are integrated with the appropriated sampling devices, enclosures, and other sample conditioning and monitoring equipment.

The Axiot System Features

  • Interfaces spectrometers to separated sampling equipment
  • Facilitates system integration
  • High transmission efficiency
  • Compatible with virtually all sample techniques
  • Efficient purging for maximum sample throughput
  • Eliminates the risk of instrument damage due to sample spill
  • Allows analysis to remain set–up while free FTIR sample compartment for other tasks

Axiot System Data Sheet (.pdf)