Liquid Transmission

Hellma Axiom offers a complete line of near–IR and UV–visible liquid sampling accessories for both laboratory and on-line process applications. All of these products exhibit the Company’s commitment to robust reliability and a high degree of photometric accuracy. The probes and flow cells listed below are especially geared to the needs of laboratory analysis. Process focused products can be found in the Process Line section of this website.

FPT Series Single Pass Transmission Probes

Hellma Axiom's FPT Series probes set the standard for robustness and photometric accuracy. Both the FPT–750 laboratory probe and FPT–850 process probe employ a single pass through the sample thus eliminating stray light and maximizing the sample gap for a given transmission pathlength. In addition, Hellma Axiom’s patented optical design eliminates the need for optical fibers within the probe, eliminating fringing effects and providing a high degree of stability over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.1, 2

FPT-750 Features

  • PTFE coated welded metal seals
  • High photometric accuracy
  • Freedom from stray light and fringing
  • Pathlengths from 1mm to 20cm

FPT-750 Data Sheet (.pdf)

FPD-830 Reduced Diameter Transmission Probes

The FPD-830 Transmission Probe shares many of the characteristics of Hellma Axiom’s well-established FPT Series probes, including the extreme robustness provided by the Company’s proprietary welded window sealing technique. However, this probe also features reduced diameter, which is made possible by the use of optical fibers within the probe in place of the larger lightguides used in the FPT Series. Although this approach does have some limitations, it is suitable for many development and pilot installations.

FPD-830 Features

  • Visible through near-IR spectral response
  • Reduced diameter for small scale reaction monitoring
  • Withstands highly aggressive chemicals
  • Suitable for use at elevated temperatures and pressures

FPD-830 Data Sheet (.pdf)

Transflectance Probes

Transflectance probes employ two passes through the sample. This allows a substantially smaller diameter than is practical with single pass probes. Hellma Axiom’s FPX Series Transflectance Probes employ the Company’s patented welded window seal design3, making these probes suitable for use at high temperatures and pressures and with virtually any chemical system. Their unique optical design eliminates the effects of sample backscatter and window reflectance which limit the performance of other Transflectance probes.

FPX Series Features

  • 1/4” diameter for small scale reaction monitoring
  • Very low stray light
  • Highly linear response
  • Withstands highly aggressive chemicals
  • High temperature and pressure operation
  • Can be multiplexed

FPX Data Sheet (.pdf)

Variable and Fixed Path Flow Cells

Hellma Axiom’s FFV Series fiber–optic coupled liquid flow cells offer the choice of either variable or fixed pathlengths, with standard pathlengths ranging up to 20 cm. The use of 316 stainless steel construction with sapphire windows and Kalrez seals makes these cells suitable for a wide of range chemical systems. Alternative materials of construction, such as Hastelloy C–276 and Kaynar, are also available.

FFV Series Features

  • Variable or factory–set pathlengths
  • Pathlengths from 0.5 to 20 cm
  • Unrestricted flow path
  • Robust stainless steel/sapphire/Kalrez® construction

FFV Data Sheet (.pdf)

Heatable Cuvette Sampler

Model FCV-150 is a fiber-optic coupled sampling system for the visible through near-IR analysis of liquid samples con¬tained in standard cuvettes. It can be coupled to any dispersive or FT-NIR spectrometer equipped with fiber-optic connectors by means of a pair of fiber-optic cables.

FCV-150 Features

  • Visible through near-IR spectral response
  • Accommodates cuvettes with pathlengths from 1 to 50 mm
  • Mica insulation for high temper¬ature operation

FCV-150 Data Sheet (.pdf)