Raman Laboratory Sampling Probes

The RFP–400 Series Raman probes1,2 have been designed to provide the same high optical performance as Hellma Axiom's RFP–500 process Raman probe but in a highly flexible package intended for laboratory and process development applications. The key to the design is a standardized optical head combined with interchangeable filter modules and objective lens/immersion assemblies. The resulting flexibility enables a single probe optical head to be used for a wide variety of tasks involving diverse excitation wavelengths and sampling geometries. Typical sampling geometries range from viewing a sample through a vessel wall to immersion in extremely small samples or high pressure reaction vessels.

RFP–400 Series Probes Models

  • RFP-410: Choice of sample offset distances
  • RFP-420: 6.35 mm diameter immersion probe
  • RFP-435: Standard extruder mounting
  • RFP-442: 12.7 mm diameter immersion probe
  • RFP-465: Multipass probe for enhanced vapor phase analysis

RFP–400 Series Features

  • Interchangeable objective/immersion assemblies
  • Interchangeable filter sets
  • 6.35 mm diameter probe tip (RFP–420)
  • Compatible with high temperatures and pressures (RFP–435, 440, 442, and 450)
  • Compatible with highly aggressive chemistries (RFP–420 through 450)

RFP-400 Data Sheet (.pdf)

Raman Application Evaluation Form (.pdf)