Solids Analysis

The mid-infrared analysis of solids presents some unique challenges. These result from the fact that the fundamental absorptions which fall in the Mid–IR are far too strong to allow either transmission or diffuse reflectance analysis of intact bulk samples. There are three general approaches to dealing with this problem. First, if the sample is available in powder form, it can be mixed with a non-absorbing powder such as KBr and either pressed into a pellet for transmission analysis or analyzed directly using diffuse reflectance. Second, many samples can be analyzed directly by using specular reflectance10, 16. Finally, samples that can be extruded as films, or which are already available as films, can often be analyzed in transmission.

Over the years, Axiom has developed a number of sampling systems for analyzing solids in all three forms: bulk solids, powders, and thin films. At present, these are all handled as custom applications of the Axiot System. Please inquire with Hellma Axiom regarding current product capabilities.