Fiber Optic Multiplexers & Interfaces

FMX Series multiplexers13, 14 allow a single spectroscopic instrument to be switched between multiple sampling devices. Both mono– and bi–directional models are available. In addition, fiber–optic interfaces are available for use with instruments not already equipped with fiber–optic connections.
FMX Data Sheet (.pdf) - FMX Controller Software (.exe) - FMX Instruction Manual (.pdf)

FMX Series Multiplexers Features

  • Electronic switching between up to 16 channels
  • Switches both transmitted and received signals
  • Excellent channel matching and high transmission
  • No frequency shift between channels
  • Choice of popular data processing protocols

FOI Sample Region Fiber Optic Interface Features

  • Provides fiber–optic coupling for transmitted and received signals
  • Compatible with most spectrometers
  • Individual models available for Near–IR, Visible, and UV ranges

FAC Collimated Beam To Fiber Optic Interface Features

  • Couples to collimated beam ports on many spectrometers
  • Compatible with Axiot optical transfer system
  • Reflective optics for broad spectral coverage