Liquid Transmission

Hellma Axiom offers a complete line of near–IR liquid sampling equipment. Those listed below are especially geared to the needs of process analysis. Other products are to be found in the Lab Line page. The introduction of the FPT–8501, 2 process transmission probe in the late 1990’s was a revolutionary event in the history of near infrared process analysis. By eliminating the failure modes that had plagued previous fiber–optic coupled probes, the FPT–850 has made highly reliable in–line process analysis a practical reality3, 4. Hellma Axiom’s welded metal sealing technology has now been extended to additional products such as the FC Series configurable sampling systems and the FET Series extreme condition sample cells.

Single Pass Transmission Probes

With the FPT–850, reliable near–IR sampling can now be performed directly in a process line or vessel, eliminating the need for expensive and trouble–prone sample conditioning systems.5 The significance of this development is attested to by the fact that several hundred FPT–850’s have now been installed and are operating continuously at plants throughout the world. The optical design of the FPT-850 eliminates the use of internal optical fibers. This development enhances optical performance by eliminating the optical fringing which occurs with fiber-to-fiber connections.

FPT-850 Process Probe Features

  • Welded metal seals for extreme robustness and chemical resistance1
  • Withstands temperature cycling and thermal shock
  • NEMA–4 classification standard
  • Freedom from stray light and fringing
  • Standard pressure ratings to 250 bar
  • Temperature ratings to 400°C

FPT Data Sheet (.pdf)

User-Configurable Spectroscopic Transmission Cells

Axiom’s FC Series sampling systems bring high performance chemical composition monitoring to a wide range of demanding applications - on-line and in the lab. The systems consist of standard FCP-020 optical probes combined with either off-the shelf Swagelok components or one of Axiom’s FCF Series flow fixtures.

FC Series Features

  • Configurable using standard Swagelok components
  • Welded metal seals for extreme robustness and chemical resistance1
  • Minimum possible flow restriction
  • Path lengths from 2 mm to over 2 meters
  • Customized flow fixtures to meet individual needs

FC Data Sheet (.pdf)

Cross-Line Sampling Systems

FET Series sampling systems offer many of the benefits to the FPT–850 probes but in a form suitable for sampling across a flow path. They are especially suited for use with highly viscous samples such as polymer melts.6 They can be mounted at the output of a small extruder or in a rheometer loop on a large process extruder.

FET Series Features

  • For demanding process applications
  • Welded metal seals for extreme robustness and chemical resistance1
  • Compatible with high temperature, pressure, and viscosity
  • Freedom from stray light and fringing
  • Minimum possible flow restriction
  • Customized flow fixtures to meet individual needs

FET Data Sheet (.pdf)

Liquid Flow Cells

FFV Series transmission cells are designed to provide uncompromising performance for a wide variety of process development and on–line process applications. They combine high optical transmission with an unimpeded flow path and a wide range of available pathlengths—which can be either factory set or user adjustable. These capabilities are made possible by the use of a pair of precisely engineered optical plungers which face each other across the flow path. These are mounted on a choice of four different cell bodies, providing features such as pathlengths ranging from 0.5 mm to 20 cm, flow diameters to 25 mm, temperature control capability, a cleanout port, and a ninety degree scattered light port. Each of the models is available in versions optimized for near–IR, visible, or UV operation.

FFV Series Features

  • Variable or factory–set pathlengths
  • Pathlengths from 0.5 to 20 cm
  • Unrestricted flow path
  • Robust stainless steel/ sapphire/ Kalrez® construction

FFV Data Sheet (.pdf)