Raman Process Sampling Probes

The RFP–500 Series has been developed specifically to meet the need for Raman probes capable of performing reliably under the harsh conditions common to most process environments. The probes in this series combine robust optical designs with either 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy C–276 external construction and Hellma Axiom's patented welded metal window sealing technique2. In addition to the RFP-500 Series probes, some of the RFP-400 Series laboratory probes can be used in process installations that do not require conduit termination protection. This is especially true for the RFP-435 extruder probe and the RFP-465 multipass gas-phase probe.

Individual Raman Probe Models

RFP–500 Series Features

  • Withstand most aggressive chemistries
  • Compatible with process temperatures to 400° C and pressures to 200 bar
  • Withstand repeated thermal shock
  • Standard Hastelloy C–276 construction available
  • Interchangeable filters for application flexibility
  • Large depth of field and illumination area (RFP–540)
  • Large numeric aperture and adjustable focus (RFP–550)

RFP-500 Series Data Sheet (.pdf)

Raman Application Evaluation Form (.pdf)